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The Company & Senior sections meet together on a Friday night.

Company Section is for boys aged 11 to 15. There are a range of activities for the boys to take part in; football, snooker, pool, table tennis etc. Many of the boys take an active role in the company band on a Monday night as well.

The boys follow a structured badge programme which leads to a series of Brigade awards culminating in the President’s and Queen’s badges. As well as the Brigade programme most of the boys take part in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme. We are very proud of the fact that many of our boys go on to achieve their gold DofE.

Seniors is for boys aged 16 to 18. As well as taking part in many of the same activities as the Company Section, they engage in a variety of other challenging and fun activities.

The Seniors are encouraged to get involved in their community, attend a range of courses and is when many of the boys complete their Queen’s Badge and Gold DofE.

Boys from both sections participate in Battalion competitions and the annual Battalion Camp.

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